Safety is our business Ethics are our driving force!

Protectors by RXR PROTECT are the result of a fundamental observation: participating in extreme sport requires a body protection system in the event of a fall or impact, but equally one that does not impede performance. The survival of such sports depends on participants taking steps to reduce the number of accidents due to an irrefutable equation:

Accident = Insurance = Money

In 2008, when David Schuller filed the international ASA Technology patent, this motocross afficionado and former competitor had already been thinking about the ideal protector for the sport for many years. Air appeared to be the best substance for absorbing energy.



From his experience in motocross, David had already witnessed the increasing number of physical injuries in high-risk sports and the lack of adequate protection. He therefore set his mind to creating a unique and high-performance protection technology. This technology, ASA (Air Shock Absorber), is the fruit of an analytical process where both the safety and the practice of the sport are of equally central importance.

This principle and a strong spirit of innovation have enabled the RXR PROTECT brand to grow. 2009 saw the beginning of the RXRPROTECT adventure!

From the very first jacket model to the very latest, the concept behind our protective jackets has not changed: it's in our workshops in France that all RXR PROTECT products are assembled, tested and improved at our own premises.



Today, RXR PROTECT has developed into a true range of protection products suitable for professionals and amateurs alike, and each day we strive to develop the range in order to offer sportsmen and women the very highest levels of performance and safety.

RXR PROTECT is now a company recognised in the world of sport and the field of protection. We sell our products worldwide and are involved in many competitions notably through our pro-rider team, the real brand ambassadors. Demonstrating at each event that protecting yourself does not impede performance at the highest level.

The development of our innovative spirit is the result of teamwork combining principles and expertise, as RXR PROTECT is above all about professionals using their skills day in and day out in the interests of safety.

David Schuller, CEO

Safety in high-risk sports is the central issue! Even though not all participants are currently conscious of the fact, the sustainability of these sports depends on minimising accidents.

And to achieve this, the issue must be tackled as an overriding mission not guided by markets and commercial interests, but one based on analysis and commitment.

I believe that only sportsmen and women active in the field are in a position to find genuine solutions to the issues and that time remains the best means of achieving the very serious goals. It's not a question of believing in "miracle" products but of taking the necessary time before bringing a product to the market and of continuous development, this is how I believe we will be able to stay on the right track.

This is why our work constantly evolves, why each day we get feedback from our sportsmen and women in order to improve our products and make them increasingly effective. You can carry out any number of laboratory simulations, but only practical application in the field provides genuine validation!

For over five years now we have been carefully monitoring our professionals by compiling accident statistics, and the results have been more than impressive - none of our professionals have suffered serious injury! This is reward indeed for our efforts and for the principles at the heart of our work!

To this end, we rely on our partners to transform this work into commercial reality where education, self-sacrifice and investment are the keys to our commercial success.

And finally, we ask all you retailers and distributors to join us; bring our products to your markets and invest in the future of innovation. Ensure the sustainability of our sports, now and in the years ahead!